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Returning Weather at the Masters of Tradition Festival

I can’t wait to bring Returning Weather to the Masters of Tradition Festival on Saturday, 26th August. We're playing the late show in beautiful Bantry House at 10:30pm.

"Returning Weather is Tobin’s mediation on her reconnection with Ireland after so long abroad, specifically the Roscommon landscape where she now lives, and its suite of nine songs, blending trad, folk, art song and jazz, unfolds like a narrative poem...The results are starkly beautiful, veering from abstraction to romanticism to folky minimalism, and Tobin’s voice, filled with humanity and warmth, draws it all together perfectly." The Irish Times

Christine Tobin - voice/composer

Cora Venus Lunny - violin/viola

David Power - uilleann pipes/whistles

Phil Robson - guitar/electronics

Steve Hamilton - piano

Masters of Tradition Festival 2023

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